sexta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2012

Silly little girl

Silly girl, you're hurt one more time.
It's just close your heart and please open up your mind!
They will use you, they will hurt you
But just if you let they do

Silly girl, you're hurt one more time...
And it tore's me a part
See you falling once again
Please don't give up and don't keep shits in

I can't keep my promises to you
Just because you are letting go again
You falling into yourself because of them
I know the end of this scene...

You will cry
And you will crawl
They will continue and you will just pretend

Silly little girl full of broken promises
You will be hurt one more time
And that's nothing I can do.
"My sweet angel you're lost in that fake paradise once again..."

2 comentários:

    Eu te amo ta amiga? <3 Mas esse é o meu jeito amendobobo de ser... :/
    Enfim, adorei! <3

  2. Muito bom, e acho que eu peguei o intrínseco do texto, o sentimento do "eu-lírico", a "possível destinatária", enfim, muito bom o poema, adorei! =)